What is spunbond non woven fabrics?

Spunbond is a non woven fabric made from 100% pure polypropylene.The polypropylene pellets are melted and extruded, then spun into fine fibers which in turn are laid and bonded by heated rollers to form spun bond fabrics. Due to its versatility and cost effectiveness,the product can be used in a wide variety of applications,such as medical and hygiene, furniture, agriculture, environment-firendly packaging, construction and auto industry. 


Huaqiang persists to the quality first conception for the production of pp spunbond nonwoven. The tensile, touch feeling, surface effects are perfect! Functional pp spunbond nonwoven: Anti-static nonwoven; anti-aging nonwoven(uv added), hydrophilic nonwoven, anti-skip nonwoven(cross pattern) Weight rang: 9-200gsm Roll width:0.3-3.2m Roll length:50-1000m Color: customzied. Medical pp nonwoven, weight range: 15-60gsm, the colors are white, medical blue, yellow and green. It is perfect material for disposable bed-sheet, face mask, medical cap, shoes cover and isolation gowns.


There are a wide variety of non-woven fabrics available with different characteristics;the fiber selection, web formulation, method of bonding, and finishing technique can all be manipulated to change the properties of the material to suit the intended application